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nica1103's Journal

absolutely fabulous, accents, adenine, america, andrew lloyd webber, anglophiles, apple cup, arrested development, australia, ben miles, bioethics, biology, biotechnology, bridget jones's diary, britain, british comedy, british english, brits, caffeine, capercaillie, captain subtext, cats, chatting, chicago, chocolate, chromosomes, coffee, coffee houses, colin firth, comedy, cornet, cougars, cougs, coupling, current events, cytosine, desserts, dna, dogs, edinburgh, eejits, england, equality, espresso, europe, exhaustion, family, father dougal mcguire, father ted, frappuccinos, friends, genetics, germany, giggle loop, go cougs, grey's anatomy, guanine, gum, hanging out with friends, harry potter, highlands, history, hooded sweatshirts, hot chocolate, human genome project, humor, ice cream, immunology, international baccalaureate, international travel, ireland, irish creme lattes, italian food, italy, jack davenport, jeff murdock, jeffisms, john lennon, johnny depp, karl pilkington, keane, labrador retrievers, les miserables, london, lord of the rings, lost, love actually, macintosh computers, mad scientists, making new friends, meeting people, melty man, men, microbes, microbiology, mocha, molecular biology, monty python, movies, music, musicals, napoleon dynamite, nature, new zealand, northern ireland, pacific northwest, paul mccartney, peace, pets, phantom of the opera, piano, politics, procrastination, pullman, quotes, reading, richard coyle, romance, science, science nerds, scotland, seattle, seattle mariners, seattle seahawks, severus snape, sex and the city, sleep, socializing, starbucks, study abroad, sunsets, the beatles, the english language, the far side, the united states, the zone, theatre, thymine, trumpet, tv, united kingdom, universities, usa, voldemort/bellatrix, wales, washington, washington state university, water, wazzu, wsu